Path of Tantra

Path of Tantra offers a series of workshops designed for exploration, healing, acceptance and understanding. They are an opportunity to let go of old conditioning and to learn how to bring ecstasy to our sexuality as well as our daily life.

Although most of us dream of blissful, connected sexual experiences, real life often seems a far cry from what we imagine is possible.

Like many people, I had a dreamy, juicy, idealized vision of what sexuality could be. A vision which reality never seemed to live up to. As we mature we realize that every skill we want to master requires study, knowledge and practice. Contrary to this understanding we operate under the assumption that the sexual skill set is one that we (and our partners) are either born possessing, or will never acquire. It was only when I found Tantra that I began to comprehend the limitless possibilities of the sexual energy and the inherent potential for bliss in each one of us. It was only then that I began to experience the kind of union that I had been longing for.

These workshops are an opportunity for you to encounter the life changing practices and knowledge Tantra offers. They are an invitation to overcome fears and deepen our understanding of ourselves and open into completely into love.

The intensives will cover different ways of liberating blocked or repressed sexual energy. When sexual energy flows, life flows, affecting not only our sexuality but our all over health and happiness. We will also explore; Sublimation – the ascent of the erotic energy to the heart, the importance of true presence in the sexual act, sexual continence – the basic skills which allow us to have prolonged, multiorgasmic lovemaking, the 7 types of female orgasm, implosive vs. explosive orgasm and using the five senses as doorways into sensuality.

The workshops do not include nudity or explicit sexual acts. There will be exercises designed to build energetic sensitivity and emotional connection as well as simple Yoga and breathing techniques and informative lecture. Couples and singles are both welcome to join.


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